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Liquid Tissue® Kits

The Liquid Tissue® MS Protein Prep Kit makes it possible to analyze protein expression in new or old formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples for retrospective or prospective analysis, validation, or other research purposes.

The Liquid Tissue© MS Protein Prep Kit completely solubilizes collected FFPE tissue in an easy and straight-forward process to yield a clear, dilutable, tryptic digest. The final preparation is ready for mass spec analysis and 100% representative of the collected material.

Catalog Number Product Description
10001-010 Liquid Tissue® MS Protein Prep Kit, 4 preparations
10001-023 Liquid Tissue® MS Protein Prep Kit, 10 preparations
10001-053 Liquid Tissue® MS Protein Prep Kit, 50 preparations
Inquire for price and availability for the larger package sizes.

Our Terms and Conditions apply. Liquid Tissue® MS Prep Kits are sold under a limited label license for research use only with commercial use restrictions. For further details contact us.

Samples processed using the kit are not suitable for analysis using gel electrophoresis or for printing reverse-phase protein arrays.

Liquid Tissue® is a registered trademark of Expression Pathology Inc.

The Liquid Tissue® technology is protected by U.S. Patent 7,473,532, Japanese Patent 4,579,234 and patents pending and foreign equivalents thereof.