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Multiplexed assays simultaneously measure a large number of different protein markers. (View larger image)

IGF-1R (insulin like growth factor-1 receptor) is a critical mediator of cancer cell growth. This has led to active clinical development of both antibody and small molecule IGF-1R targeted therapeutics. However, IGF-1R targeted therapies have potential toxicities due to significant expression of the target in normal tissues and homology of the IGF-1R target with the Insulin receptor. Multiple clinical trials targeting IGF-1R are currently underway, however, after initial optimism in NSCLC and Ewing's sarcoma, several trials have failed to show overall efficacy or had severe toxicity. Pretreatment quantitation of tumor IGF-1R protein levels expression remains a challenge due to high homology between IGF-1R and the insulin receptor. Thus, there is a need for a specific and quantitative clinical assay for IGF-1R protein expression. The ability to quantify IGF-1R expression and determine signaling pathway activation status directly in FFPE patient tissue biopsies may be able to help identify and select patients most likely to benefit from anti-IGF-1R therapies.

Our quantitative Liquid Tissue®-SRM IGF-1R Assay can be performed directly in FFPE patient tissue. The assay is based on the Liquid Tissue®-SRM technology platform which enables relative and absolute quantification of proteins and their phosphorylation status directly in formalin fixed tissue.

The IGF-1R-specific SRM assay was developed and preclinically validated on cell lines expressing a range of IGF-1R protein.

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