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DIRECTOR® Laser Microdissection Slides
Rapid and Contamination Free Collection—Directly in Sample Buffer

DIRECTOR® slides bring a new level of speed and accuracy to laser microdissection. True non-contact laser microdissection slides the slides use an energy transfer coating bonded to a glass support. Tissue sections are mounted on top of the energy transfer coating. The energy from a UV laser is converted to kinetic energy upon striking the coating, vaporizing it, instantly propelling selected tissue features into the collection tube.

The DIRECTOR slides can be used with all the leading microdissection platforms; the Leica LMD, the Zeiss P.A.L.M. Microbeam and the mmi CellCut Plus from Molecular Machines & Industries.

The slides are compatible with commonly used gene and protein expression analysis methods and will work with tissues or cells, fresh, frozen or fixed, including standard FFPE tissue.

DIRECTOR® slides are similar to standard glass microscope slides. The difference is the proprietary energy transfer coating which is bonded to one side of the slide, covering it completely.

The slides are extremely stable. They can be sterilized using UV radiation, autoclaving, chemical or gas treatment. Pre-treatment of the surface is normally not necessary, but possible when required.

FFPE tisssue sections can be deparaffinized using standard heat and chemical protocols, including xylenes and other organic solvents.

DIRECTOR slides will not autofluoresce, making them ideally suited for applications using fluorescent stains, DIC or polarized light.

Catalog Number Product Description
50001-018 DIRECTOR® Laser Microdissection Slides, 10 slides
50001-024 DIRECTOR® Laser Microdissection Slides, 50 slides
Volume discounts available.

DIRECTOR slides are chemically and thermally stable, and can be stored indefinitely.

DIRECTOR® is a registered trademark of Expression Pathology Inc.

The DIRECTOR® technology is protected by U.S. Patents 7,294,367 and 7,381,440 and foreign equivalents thereof.