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DIRECTOR® Laser Microdissection

We routinely use our DIRECTOR® Laser Microdissection Slides to collect cells of interest from tissue sections. The slides, compatible with Leica LMD, PALM Zeiss and the mmi CellCut Plus platforms, provide rapid and contamination free collection. They eliminate the need for plastic membrane slides or sticky caps, and enable rapid and precise dissection directly into a collection tube. The DIRECTOR® slides are true non-contact laser microdissection slides employing an energy transfer coating bonded to a glass support.

An energy transfer coating has been added to a standard glass slide. Tissue sections are placed on the coating. When the UV laser is pulsed the energy coating vaporizes and the selected cells are propelled into the collection tube.

DIRECTOR® slides are compatible with commonly used gene and protein expression analysis methods, and work with tissues or cells, fresh, frozen or fixed.